Melody programs

Has anyone tried the scaler people to use these programs?

I could imagine a great addition to a scaler.

Yes I know both of those programs, there are hundreds of random melody generators. They get you all excited until you realise that if you really do need a random melody then you probably need a good chord progression and some nice harmony too. Ultimately they do let me down. I think we have some nice ideas to help this part of music production that works with what you are creating. Here’s a review of Melody Sauce which I think is fair, unfortunate the he got dislike BOT’ed!

I don’t think it’s the most important to produce melody.
The most important thing is the accompaniment of various styles
According to music classification
Enter the chord and select style to generate MIDI for each track

Seems that the Melody Sauce program is meant for more than just a few styles? There is no mention of pop, jazz or rock, etc. Musia’s program seems to have these styles and much more.

Musia just appears a a blank GUI on my iMac running High Sierra in Live 11. In Cubase 11 it was blocked on scan.

Last year I’ve purchased Audiomodern Riffer. I’ve used it sometimes. It’s a random generator with comprehensive scale database and some constraints (e.g. repeat tonal n times). They propose it to generate synth riffs, but with slower times and longer notes it can be used for melody as well. It has mainly 2 convenient features:

  1. “infinity button” generates new patterns after cycling a number of times that you decide, tipically 2. Of course it has also a “freeze” button when you’re satisfied.
  2. a sort of midi editor functionality that lets you edit easily what it proposes.
    I think every melody generator should have this kind of easiness at generating coupled with the chance of editing. I often ended up by freezing a melody and changing a couple of notes because they came into my mind when I heard the ones generated.
    All in all, also with Scaler I like its chord suggestions but I’ve often edited the C-zone chords by choosing inversions and transpositions to make a pseudo-melody in the upper note of the chords.

I don’t know if you know about band in a box.
Band in a box can choose music style, and even produce real instrument tracks and MIDI.
Enter the chord and select style to generate MIDI and Reartracks.
I think this is a direction for Scaler in the future.
Of course, only MIDI can be generated

Yes. I have a Band in a box Ultrapak. It’s a great program. The pity is that Scaler 2 is in no way connected to the Band in a box program. Of course, the chord passages I can take advantage of what Scaler creates. For himself, Scaler is still learning in the early stages. It’s kind of really hard to use.

Band in a box is a music software for more than 30 years. The most important thing is that band in a box is produced for automatic accompaniment music from the first day of its birth.
I used band in a box this year, which is very good. Although I don’t use the main program of band in a box, I use band in a box VST to help me generate a lot of rhythm and solo.
I see what you mean. Scaler and band in a box can’t work at the same time, nor can they drag chords.
I’m looking for chords in scaler now.
I think scaler can learn from some ideas of band in a box.
In the future, I am more optimistic about scaler.
Because the interface of band in a box always makes me feel like a 2021 software

It’s clear that Scaler users come from a very broad church; from music professionals to geriatric amateurs getting satisfaction from simple creations.

So it’s a set of particular user types with particular workflows with particular kit working in particular genres. There can be no “one size fits all” in terms of directly playable output because of that.

So to address that breath of users, as opposed to some much smaller subset of them, IMHO Scaler has to operate at the level of the generic – a scale is generic ; a chord is generic ; as is potentially an ostinato or arpeggiated sequence. That is to provide a set of common building blocks from which each varied user constructs his target result.

Scaler does go a step further in providing genre based element in terms of progressions, but as @ClaudioPorcellana (who creates Bulgarian folk from trance snippets :slight_smile: ) demonstrates routinely, they are not too restrictive.

I have an entirely personal perspective on this particular topic, which is offered solely on that basis rather than as a suggestion of what the future should be. I bought Band in a Box in the 90’s on a floppy disc distribution for Windows 3.1, and I have used it, along with a long list of other music tools over 25 years or so. So I know it and what it does quite well.

Again, personally and IMHO (so don’t roast me) I see little to no comparison between BIAB and Scaler. They come from different ends of a application target spectrum. As you say, “most important thing is that band in a box is produced for automatic accompaniment music from the first day of its birth.” That defines BIAB well, but I doubt if that was in @davide’s mind when he set out to create Scaler. He didn;t envisage his users would be pressing a button to produce a ‘Camp Fire III’ 5 part tune. (BIAB produces quite good camp fire tunes)

Both have their uses. One is not better than the other. Both are essentially competent applications. But you can’t compare them any more than you can sensibly compare Excel and Photoshop. In my view they are not in the same space. Cavalli per i corsi, as @ClaudioPorcellana probably wouldn’t say.

Just my individual take, and not suggesting any pointers for where things should / might go.

[Did I put in enough personal caveats ???]


…not to forget midlife crisers using it for muscial therapy :wink:


When there was even a clear video explaining how to use the Scaler program. I haven’t found a good enough video on YouTube. Someone could make a video like that that works well. I wonder if there were no clear instructions included. Especially with Logic Pro x, I would be interested in how to take advantage of it.

Here’s one Scaler and Logic Pro

And one more Scaler and Logic Beats and Melody

There’s probably a few more out there.

Those videos aren’t much help right now. The second video uses all other programs more than Scaler.

What is it you are looking for specifically?

i would like to see when someone does it at more than 4 beats or eight beats. Obviously the “C” part is the part where you do the chord cycle? how do you get it to play with the midi keys and save the daw? Basics and a little further happy with.

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