Melody use case

Hi. I want to play a section of a song over and over and cycle through some melodic ideas. I am not using a keyboard but I suppose I could. I also don’t want to hear the chords. Just the melody. I would like for Scaler to produce melodies thet are more rhythmically varied with phrasing other than just notes that are all the same length. I am using the tool to help come up with melodies that I will replace. I have gotten some ideas and inspiration from notes scaler is playing, but there isn’t really a melodic line here. Just repetitive patterns of notes with the same timing. It is kind of static. Am I using this wrong? Some things sound better than others but most are all very simple, but I wouldn’t ever sing any of that way too many notes. I just need to know if I’m doing this wrong or thinking of it wrong.

In case anyone is interested, I think this problem was because the chord length impacts the pattern, and they dont have time to develop, so if you are doing a fast song, it just either gives you a bunch of even length notes at unusable speeds, or it gives just the beginning of these patterns. In any case, bu stretching out the chords I am getting closer, but I would still wlecome any suggestions for producing usable melodies in uptempo songs.

Hey @BlothR There are so many ways. I love making melodies using the keys lock whilst triggering but muting the chords which it sounds like what you are trying to do Scaler 2 Workflow | Writing an Entire Track - YouTube

Thank you @davide! It is a great video. Funny, I had found it and started using the melody and even the groups feature which is in another video. Very useful.

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