Midi Bind B recognizing two octaves

In the iOS version of scaler I want my midi notes coming from fugue machine to trigger chords. As my melody goes over two octaves some notes get not transferred into chords. As I love the simplicity of sending my midi into scaler and scaler just following the melody when I click bind in section B I am so desperate of not getting this to work. Building a pattern would be too much effort for this melody and I hope there is a solution! Thanks in advance.

Hey @NoLife Welcome to the forum. We would have to see what you’re re trying to do to be able to understand better and potentially suggest something. Can you shoot a video and host somewhere with a link here or elaborate?

Thank you so much for your attention on my topic!
I tried to describe my issue in two screenshots. Let me know if this is enough. But I can also record a video of my session in AUM (Kymatica).
Right now I try to use 2 instances of Scaler inside AUM to cover the range of notes and to hide the gap (of two notes not being transferred into chords) a little bit.

I hope I described everything clearly. Thank you for the time you take to help!

Interesting. How is this for a workaround.
Drag all the Section B chords to Section C.
Create a second pattern in Section C
Add some chords or even two rests
Now select both Pattern 1 & Pattern 2 (lasso drag) and it will fill that bind area. See attached:


I will try instantly. I already tried your way before I start asking for help in this forum as I found your answer to a recent post from 4 years ago where someone mentioned something similar.
Maybe my fault was to hit the Bind C Button after putting the chords to the patterns1+2 as hitting play in AUM the melody triggered Chords but in a very chaotic, random way.
But seeing that you used the „Pad-section“ shows me that I might have done it wrong. I am still a beginner in using this powerful app so I will definitely try your approach. I am so thankful for your help and time and especially the word „interesting“ in your reply felt heartwarmingly good. Thank you for that bonus.

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Hello Davide:)
It worked perfectly as it also allows me to bring in chords from the variation section and I now understand that I should have taken more time to get into scaler (and music theory itself😅) before asking for your time and help. I just started my journey in breaking the walls of how school taught me music theory and for me scaler is a very strong tool in this approach to playfully loose my fear. Thank you that you helped me understand some more and keeping my workflow going🫶🏻

I just have one more issue as scaler being synced to AUM when hitting play in AUM it first starts to play through the chords in the pad section chronologically (while simultaneously playing the chords according to the melody,too) and only after this one cycle you hear just the chords following the melody. I don’t expect an answer as I again relate this to my lack of knowledge🙈 But if you have a quick tip in your holster I am ready to take that shot.

Really hard to diagnose what you are doing and what is happening. If you could host a video someone may be able to help?

I’m really not clear on why you are doing what you are doing but it sounds like you have DAW sync turned on but not looped AND you are also triggering the chords with Fugue Machine. If you are in fact triggering chords externally then you don’t want DAW sync on at the same time. In section C the Sync button (Arrow) is on the lower left. If it is on it will be a blue square. Right next to it is the loop button. if it is off the chords sync to DAW one time through and stop even if the DAW is still playing.
If I am misreading what you are attempting I apologize.


Thank you for your input and trying to wrap your head around my questions! It´s an art project which is about war and how it effects the life of people (key word: inversion). I use Fugue Machine for setting up the melody (in this case the russian national anthem) which is super simple to do. I can also play the melody backwards and in slow tempo using another playhead inside FM. Played in Ukrainian Dorian and Voicing on Oktaves and inverted 3rds it already sounds amazing when hitting “B” in the scales binding section. This would all be perfectly enough combined with a “Performance” to have a beautiful basic sound i can then modulate with other apps in AUM. Hitting “Play” in AUM (as i only work on my Ipad) starts the session and learning by doing I just used to hit “Binding B” and my notes from FM triggered the chords shown in “section B”. That triggered my question to Davide why I can not extend the range of notes getting recognized by “section B”. Following his advice i put all my desired chords into section “C”, selected both patterns, and hitting “Play” in AUM I hear what i tried to describe above. Scaler cycles through my chords in the pad section once overlapping the chords triggered by the melody. Short chaos. Then just my melody plays with the chords following the notes forever.

Did you read what I wrote above about DAW and Scaler sync?

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Yes! Sorry. I forgot to write that I will check on that as soon as I am on my project when back home. That’s why I said thank you for your input and giving a kind of quick response on your why are you doing what you are doing first because maybe my approach using this app is totally wrong or not the way to work with this app.

Omg it works! Jamie! Thank you so much! You saved my art project :space_invader:🫶🏻

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