Midi Capture - > Drag doesn't have Chord Markers / Labels

Hi -

I have created a chord progression, which is driven by binding to Section A. In my DAW I have single notes driving the bound chords. I then convert the chord progressions, to the true / actual notes for these chords by using the Midi Capture function in Section C. Using the “Drag” button, I drag it to my DAW and the chords are copied across. However, they are missing the chord names / markers - this seems to be a bug??

When I drag individual chords directly from any section to my DAW, the chord names / markers are copied successfully. Also, when chords are present in Section C, and using the “Drag” button to my DAW, all chord names / markers are copied across. The bug only seems to be when using Midi Capture, and then dragging to my DAW that the chord names / markers are omitted.



Whilst I wait for someone from Scaler to reply to my original post, I have developed a workaround to get the chord names brought across into Reaper.

Using the same method I describe in my first post, get the true/actual notes into the DAW. Then in Section A, use the Detect button, hit record, and then play your DAW. Scaler will now capture the chords back into Section A.

Once they have been captured, you can then select all the chords in Section A and drag them into Reaper, and the chords with names will come across with fixed lengths. Next - In Reaper, open up the midi item, select all the chord names in the CC lane, copy them to the clipboard. Open up the true/actual notes midi item, and them into the midi item CC Text Lane. You will need to move the chord names around to line them up with the start position of the chords, but this method is a lot quicker than having to re-type them all in, especially when you have some long chord progressions and changes occurring.

Hope this helps someone.

Yep. I’d posted too that Scaler loads in not able to put chord names in the midi. But EITHER Audio or Midi detection will seemingly reset something internally and Scaler will start to behave OK and add chord names to the midi from then on. It doesn’t stick, you have to do it every time you load Scaler. Who knows… maybe one of the 2.8 versions will work right. I haven’t tried them yet.