Midi capture on stop creates extra notes in every pitch

Perhaps there is a particular order of events that need to keep this from happening.
not a big deal, but did notice midi capture on stop creates extra notes in every pitch.
midi Capture was stooped first, then midiData grabbed to the track.
DAW is Cakewalk

Hi @sadicus

Just tried this on Cakewalk and did not have any extra notes created. Can you please confirm which version of Scaler you are using (the latest is 2.8.1) and which version of Cakewalk you are using and your OS. I am using Cakewalk by Bandlab v2022.11 (Build 021 64 bit), which I believe is the latest version available, on Windows 10 22H2.

Could you also upload a copy of your Scaler State when this happens as this may help identify what is happening.

Many thanks

cbb 2022.11 (Build 021 64 bit)
Scaler 2.8.1

As we are both on the same versions of the DAW and Scaler, can you upload the Scaler state file and maybe it will give a clue about what is happening?

it will be a while, but I will post here again if/when it happens. ~ thank you

I believe that I also had seen similar behavior when I was using Cakewalk, but I have switched to Reaper now and things are quite a bit different…

I tend to “link section C and send trigger notes from the DAW” much more often than MIDI capture, so I will need to try that again. If I see it, I’ll try to capture useful information.

UPDATE: I tried a couple more times tonight and didn’t seem to see the issue.
[Procedure: I just entered 4 chords in section C, hit MIDI CAPTURE, then play section C, then stop capture and drag out a MIDI track.]
Win10 64-bit
Scaler 2.8.1 vst3
CW 2022.11 build 021 64-bit (

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UPDATE #2: Well, I tried something different and THOUGHT I saw it happen once.
a. Entered 4 chords in section C
b. Entered 4 MIDI notes C,D,E,F in the Scaler2 Cakewalk track
c. Link section C in Scaler
d. Hit MIDI CAPTURE in Scaler
e. Hit Play in Cakewalk (chords play)
f. Stop MIDI capture in Scaler, drag to a new Cakewalk track
g. It looked fine, but I opened an Event List view. I saw some zero-length note events after the end of the chords.
h. I clicked in the Event List and the extra events “magically” disappeared (??).
I repeated the above sequence a couple more times, but didn’t see the problem again.
Scaler state is attached, I hope.

There is at least one other forum topic referring to “zero length notes” :
zero-length notes entry

Scaler-State_2023-08-18_205428.xml (10.9 KB)

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there is a post on the CW forum on using a CAL to get rid of the zero length notes. there are a few other products that produce these in a number of DAWs.
ADSR Drum Machine - Dragging MIDI Patterns into Cakewalk - Cakewalk by BandLab - Cakewalk Discuss | The Official Cakewalk by BandLab Forum

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Hi @techworker1

Thanks for uploading a copy of your state file. I have just loaded it into Scaler 2.8.1 and tried capturing midi in 3 DAWS, Ableton Live 11, Raper and Cakewalk by Bandlab and have not generated nay ghost notes on the midi capture. So, I’m sorry but I can’t help you on this one: maybe support will have more information on it.

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