MIDI CC Problem with Command

I have a problem with the command mapping and i wish you can help on that.
I have a Novation Launch Control, This unit has “Factory” and “User” modes. Factory is MIDI CH9 and User is MIDI CH1 by default. The first knob is CC23

I have assigned the CC23 (in User Mode) to do something in Ableton, and i want this same CC23 to be mapped to load a certain scale in Scaler. I went to Select a Command → Set Selected Scale and then the MIDI window asked me to press a key or MIDI. I moved the knob on my Launch Control, however Scaler did not learn it. I clicked on Advanced and from the “Select MIDI” i chose CC23.

When i turn the first knob which is MIDI CC23, Ableton function works, however, Scaler does not see it.
Only when i change from User Mode to Factory Mode, then moving the same knob will in fact select the key in Scaler.

bottom line, i cannot assign the knob on my Launch Control to do something in Ableton AND to do something else in Scaler AT THE SAME TIME.

PS: I have tried to assign the “Factory Mode” to Ableton, and same thing happened. Only when i change the mode on my launch Control, then Scaler can see that MIDI CC !!

Any solution to that problem ? I want the same knob on my controller to do something in Ableton AND something in Scaler at the same time without flipping through Factory & USER modes