MIDI clip becomes out of time when using Scale Lock in Logic Pro X

Hi All,

Been using Scaler for month or so and loving it so far!

I’ve just run across an interesting issue where I am using Scaler in Scale Lock mode on instrument tracks and it seems to make my MIDI clips become out of time when using the plug in. I have directly compared by turning the plugin on and off and it is 100% messing up the quantisation. I even bounced my clip in place and compared the waveform to the grid, which you can see here: https://i.imgur.com/ZW7lWmJ.png

Any ideas? Something I’m missing about scale lock that somehow messes with the quantisation?


Hi @seriousthings could you elaborate please. What is your setup, what software are you using / triggering etc?

Hi Davide,

My apologies, i’m using Logic Pro X & a Native Instruments A49 controller, however the issue is happening with MIDI clips within Logic Pro X, So I don’t think the controller is part of the problem.

I knew it was fine but tested for you anyway @seriousthings. It’s 100% accurate on my end with the same set up. So my loose guess is something to do with your plug in delay compensation somewhere (Ozone maximiser?) Some recording offset in Logic prefs or somehow Massive offset. What you’re are seeing in you BIP is what you are hearing that I’m certain of. You sure there’s no -delay setting in Logic track inspector? All working fine on my end.
See attached:

Hi Davide,

Thank you so much for going to the trouble of testing it out for me, I really appreciate it. No delay setting but I did just notice that clip quantisation was on 1/16, I turned it off and quantised the midi notes by hand and that seemed to do the trick. The clip quantisation must be post-MIDI plug in?

Thank you so much for your help and sorry to put you out of your way.