Midi detect, rec button

Hi, in midi detect mode, when I enable record button and play a note or chord, the record buttion is disabled, why is this happening? pl help

Logic 10.7.7
mac os ventura 13.3.1
scaler 2.7.3

Hi @rajiv

The record mode allows you to detect the incoming midi. Scaler will add the detected notes as they are played on the track.

If you start clicking on chords in Scaler it will disable the recording to allow you to trigger chords.

If you want to detect chords already in Scaler you can select them and use the Right-Click > Detect to send the selected chords into a new detection.

Hi Ed, Yes Iam aware of the process . Heres what happening.
I choose midi detect , I click on record, I play a note/chord, note/chord is detected then boom The record button gets disbaled and the detect doesnt work anymore. so I need to hit the record button again and start playing. this is happning forever. I tried reinstalling the software too.