MIDI drag/drop into DAW gets cut to 4 bars


When I choose a Scaler Performance, e.g. Melody, which tend to be longer than 4 bars, and drag&drop a chord from Scaler into DAW (while Performance mode is active), it only copies over MIDI for the first 4 bars, even when I set the maximum “Chord Duration” to 16 Beats. In fact, when it is set to 8 Beats, then the drag&drop just copies over 2 bars of MIDI, and with 4 Beats only 1 bar in DAW. So it seems the Scaler chord duration gets cut into 4 by the time it drops into the piano roll in the DAW. I tried this with Bitwig 4, Ableton 11, and FL Studio 21, same behavior in all.

What am I missing?

@Tristan Would you please look at this and let us know your findings and if it’s an issue lodge a Jira ticket please. Thanks for reporting @Bernd

Hi @Bernd. What you are describing sounds like the correct behaviour. In 4/4, 16 beats = 4 bars, with 4 x 1/4 note beats per bar.

So dragging a chord from Scaler into your DAW with a 16 beat chord duration will give you 4 bars of MIDI data.

Does that sound correct to you?

If you’d like to drag more than 4 bars of MIDI into your DAW, you may need to drag the Pattern as opposed to the chord. If you change the Perform mode from Retrigger to Follow, then the Performance will continue through chord changes, as opposed to starting again with each chord change.


Hi @Tristan, thanks for clarifying this. I think I have found out what I stumbled over. I tried to drag “Melody” performances that contained “ALL” in the name over to the DAW clip. Those performances were much longer when I was holding the chord and let it play out all its unique melody, than what it dragged over in 16 4/4 beats. But I realized now, that the “ALL” melodies are basically the underlying 1-4 performances played back to back, each of which fits into 16 4/4 beats. So the trick to get it ALL over seems to be to just copy and paste each of the 1-4 parts of a melody over manually.

Does that make sense?


Ha! I like how it looks you’re explaining this to yourself. Awesome! Anyway, that’s the thing about Scaler is thinking in the way it handles beats. Sometimes gets a little confusing.

That tip was super helpful as well! I did indeed copy the same chord 2x into Section C, so as to be able to “drag the pattern”, based on “Follow” mode, which indeed gave me the full 16 beats of the whole “ALL” melody. Exactly what I was after, so thanks a lot for your quick solution @Tristan! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Did a quick “proof of concept” for 16 bar Scaler melodies, can you recognize which one I picked?

IT WORKS ~ Aleamanic2024 (youtube.com)