Midi FX in instruments dropdown list

I was watching this video about Scaler 2.4: Song Kits and Performing Live with 2.4 Update.

While showing the Metall chord progressions at 12:00 the Scaler instrument was set to “Midi FX” and made Scaler sounding “Metall”.

How can I set my Scaler to this mode? Couldn’t find it in the dropdown.

Good eye and no, you won’t find that particular MIDI FX setting in the current version of Scaler.

Scaler is providing the chords but as Davide notes, the sounds are coming from Native Instruments Electric Sunburst instrument. If I had to wager, I would bet that the MIDI FX item shown in the dropdown is either a new name for the existing NONE sound setting (which would make since) or a dev build with some other midi routing piece.

Either way, if you have a good Metal instrument, you can use Scaler to drive it.

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He’s using the Midi FX version of the plug-in, not the instrument version. This lets you use scaler to control another midi instrument and use its sounds.

If you’re using Logic you get this by clicking the Midi FX insert slot above the instrument slot in the channel strip, but I don’t know how you do it in other DAWs.

Most other DAWs don’t allow 3rd party MIDI FX. Ableton Live, Cubase don’t. It’s mostly for Logic users.

Interesting. I did not know Scaler had a separate “Midi FX version”.
When I apply Scaler as a Midi Effect, which I’ve done for years, I use the straight Scaler VST (not Scaler Audio) and there is no change in the Sound dropdown options.

In my case I’m on Windows and the DAW that supports Midi Effects natively is Roland ZenBeats. When you use Scaler to apply midi effects in DAWS that don’t support MIDI FX natively (like Studio One or Ableton (and as @jamieh points out most of the others) it must be routed manually where the instrument “listens” to the Scaler track.

In my experience it is a straight forward process (once you know what you DAW needs) but not as easy as just applying an FX .

If I understand it correctly, this can be done in Ableton using a MIDI track between Scaler and the instrument, as I usually do

Scaler drives the MIDI track that drives the instrument

This way the Scaler output can be send to one of different channels
to multiple channels at a same time using multiple MIDI tracks

In Ableton I simply load Scaler into a midi track and my instrument into a second midi track and route the input of my instrument from the Scaler track

Scaler driving xpand1

I don’t think you need

In Reaper it is even easier as I simply load Scaler and then my instrument into an instrument track (Reaper handles the midi routing)

it depends… :wink:

for example if you want one Scaler driving the Hammond upper keyboard and another Scaler driving the lower keyboard, you have no other option

Reaper is totally another story