MIDI FX in v2.8.2/Logic

I’ve just intalled 2.8.2 and I no longer see the MIDI plugin in Logic’s menu and I can’t see it in the plugin dir. It’s still in the doc though… Am I missing something? It’s called ScalerContr in my previous files.

Logic 10.5.1 / Mac OS 10.14.6

Should be there @Sarqueboute Check your plugin manager and reset and rescan selection if required. More likely you just need to restart your Mac after installing 2.8.2!

Thanks— I’ve restarted of course, but it does do anything. Not only I don’t see the plugin in Logic’s list, but it’s not present in the components directory either - it was there before the update. Should I simply copy it from a backup?

Hang on. 2.8.2 is an update to allow for Beatport Access. It doesn’t have any new functions in Scaler 2 so it is not needed. I will report to the developers right away - revert to 2.8.1 for now. It’s the same thing without Beatport Access which is not even available. Thanks for reporting!

Just confirming this has been fixed. S no need to download 2.8.2 unless you are planning to use Beatport Access or Scaler 2 Rent to Own.

Hello - I’ve reverted to 2.8.1, no problem. Thanks