Midi Input Channel To Scaler

As always I might be overlooking something obvious.

Simplifying my real scenario for the sake of getting a clear explanation

  • I have two keyboards on Midi Channel 1 and 2
  • I set one VSTi for channel 1 and one for channel 2
  • I have Scaler on track 1, routed to instrument A
  • I Instrument B on track 2

It seems to me that Scaler triggers from both keyboards because I cannot figure out how to get Scaler to accept input only from Channel 1.

Any suggestions?

Can you clarify your environment (OS, DAW), please? It may help find a solution.

One possible solution may be around setting midi input channels in your DAW.

Can you set the midi input channel for the track on which you have Scaler ( Reaper, or Cakewalk)?

If you can set the input midi channel on the Scaler track to channel 1 and the midi channel on your keyboard to channel 1, then set other tracks’ input midi channels to other values (e.g. 2) this may be a solution.

Another possible solution is if you can set the input device on each track: again you can do this on Ableton Live, Reaper and Cakewalk (I don’t know about other DAWs).

Hi and thanks.

I use Mixcraft Pro. I cannot find an option for setting the MIDI input channel. All my other software VSTs seem have a “what source is midi coming from” setting within them. So I set my keyboard to channel 2 and it plays my Kontakt instrument on Channel 2 but also plays Scaler.

I have taken the steps I know such as setting the track for record and arming it with a specific channel but seems Scaler itself is just accept ALL midi channels.

in the settings (gear in upper right) under preferences is the MIDI channel setting - however, this has little effect unless your source and track setting = the channel setting. although i’ll note the scaler plugin seems to respond in omni mode in Cakewalk.

That setting is for the output not the input I believe.

A little searching on Google found this on the Acoustic forum Using 2 Midi Keyboards Live - Acoustica User Forums

Hope it helps

Thanks again but this isn’t the issue. I know how to set Mixcraft to a particular channel but Scaler seems to respond to all channels/Omni whatever the Mixcraft channel is selected to.

Just to clarify, does this happen with any other synths? It sounds like a midi routing issue in Mixcraft and your keyboard,

Just a thought: if you are using two input devices, and you have not set each to different midi channels then the Scaler track may respond to both keyboards irrespective of the input channel set on the track.To avoid this you will have to set the second keyboard to another specific channel (e.g. set keyboard 1 to channel 1 and keyboard 2 to channel 2, then set the Scaler track input channel to equal which ever keyboard you want to control it)

I can confirm that your issue does not happen in Reaper. I have an old Oxygen 49 keyboard and a Launchkey 25 keyboard. If I set the Oxygen 49 to channel 3, my Launchkey to channel 1 and the track is set to channel 1 then it will not respond to the Oxygen 49 keyboard. It will only respond to my Launchkey device.

I do think it might be related to some limitations in Mixcraft. I do have Reaper also and it has much stronger MIDI routing. I tend to only work on this stuff at the weekends so I haven’t had a chance to look again. I might be able to figure things out but it seems slightly odd that Scaler does not have some kind of Midi Channel IN setting.

I have more than one input device but I am only using one in this case. Whatever channel I set the device to Scaler still triggers, even though the other instruments I have only respond to their own channel.

I think some vsts do not have this feature and some do. I believe that the benefits of this feature really relate to multi-timbral vsts where you may want to control multiple sounds from different controllers, or where there may be failings in the DAW midi routing and separation of channels (NB this does not overcome the failings of Ableton Live which merges all midi into Channel 1 when routing midi between tracks).

IMHO, as Scaler 2.8 will only play a single instrument at a time this would not normally be an issue. For my own environment I really only need this on multi-timbral instruments (e.g. Kontakt Player and Xpand!2). But others may have different requirements.

Having said this, some vst synthesisers that are not multi-timbral are now including this as a feature (e.g. Synthmaster One, Synthmaster 2) and it will be interesting to see the Scaler team’s approach to this in the future.

Reporting back !!!.

The original project I was having trouble with was very complex. I started a fresh one for experimenting and everything seems to work fine. I can set the Scaler track to a particular midi channel and I also learned, in Mixcraft, how to route to a specific Kontakt input that is also very useful.

So everything seems OK. The complex project either confused me or confused the system :slight_smile: