Midi Timing Detection

When Scaler is in Midi detection mode, I would like Scaler to detect the timing also, such that playback is the same as the midi song that was played in from the DAW.

For example, currently if Scalar detects three chords within one bar, it plays them back as three bars, losing the original timing.

Since I am using this to analyse existing midi file and improve on them, it would be valuable for Scaler to detect the key signature and timing, not just the chords.

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I have that problem, and so far I’ve just had to resort to either (a) editing the sequence, or, (b) doing detection in another product which seems to work and then bring them into Scaler from there.
I find with pads, there can be essentially only one chord per bar, but Scaler picks up any embellishments within the bar(s) as other chords and the same problem arises. Of course, I could edit the inbound midi to remove the embellishments, but I may as well do it at the other end of the workflow.

One way, it seems to me is if the detection could be limited to triads, or at least triads and sevenths, but I can’t see anyway to do this now. I’ll read the manual again.