Midi to Chord Sets converter

Hi! I wanted to share a little tool to convert midi files to Scaler chord sets, I have used it to transform them in bulk instead of importing and exporting each file manually:


This is awesome! Thanks.

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very interesting tool. However as a Mac user I have to find out the path to the Scaler sets.

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Hi Thomas, thanks for the insight, I’ll test it on a Mac and update the Readme accordingly :slight_smile:
This should be the folder:
/Users/Shared/Plugin Boutique/Scaler/Sets

Right, that´s the path. Thanks!

Hey Joan, the zip file on the git hub page is not correct. It´s “swatches to ase main” which has something to do with photoshop.

I have updated the readme, the link should work now :smiley:

@thomass This is potentially so helpful, thanks! :grinning:

You´re welcome, it´s always my pleasure to find broken links :grin:



PS is there an in terminal version, one with a GUI or alternative execution method?

@skank I have added an explanation about how to run it here

@Joan Many thanks Joan

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Hi, Joan,

On my system, your tool creates an .xml file from a .mid file as expected, but when I open it in notepad++, it shows a header and a bracketed section where the chord data should be, but no chord data. Any idea why? Thanks.

Hi! @Olnium If possible, please post the .mid file here or send it to me via PM for analyzing

Sure, file attached. I just noticed that although I renamed the file “TEST.mid”, it retains its original name when dragged into Bitwig, “A - i bVIIM bVIM bVIIM.mid”. I wonder if that has something to do with it? The reason I renamed it was because every time I loaded this file (and others with the same naming convention) into Scaler in the converted .xml format, they just wouldn’t display in the User menu.

Hopefully you can make sense of it.

Edit: attachment didn’t work…I’ve uploaded to Mega:

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@Olnium I have added your midi file in the examples and released a new version that addresses your issue :smiley:

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It works! Good job, Joan. Was it a Midi format 0 vs. Midi format 1 issue?

Many thanks.

Your midi had two tracks, first one was playback information and the second had the chords. The new version looks for the first track that has a note (event noteOn) and uses it for exporting the xml

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