MidiPolysher & Scaler & Blue Cats Patchwork

How is that MidiPolysher supposed to work? I limit an area as a test, but the sound is still heard even though I have set the area to red where the notes fall?

I don’t know your DAW, anyway
in Ableton and Bitwig Scaler feeds MIDI Polysher that feeds Blue Cat
is it your case?
all inputs and outputs set correctly for the DAW?
And, MIDI Polysher lets you set notes as:
and another I don’t remember
have you tried all?

I think I tried them all. As you can see in the picture, it touches the red contacts, but the sound is still heard.

Are there other similar programs that I could try to see if they work?

You have it set to PASS in the picture so it’s going to PASS the notes through. Needs to be EXCLUDE.
And they are set up wrong in BlueCat. What are you trying to do? Those are all set a Parallel to each other. Although it should work if the in/outs are set right. This is stand alone but should work in Logic.
Scaler should be in the Pre Slot on the left.
MIDI Polysher Post on the right and whatever sound you are feeding to below that.

Also the MIDI in/out for each device need set.

I have set SCALER MIDI out to PORT A Channel 1

MIDI Polysher Input to PORT A Channel 1 ------- MIDI Output to Port B Channel 1

Instrument receiving MIDI to receiving MIDI Polysher on Port B

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What about the output for the virtual player in your example?

Thank you very much for the good instructions. Now I got it working. The only problem is that Scaler crashes so logically that there is no sound if you look at something else, e.g. a web browser. I’ve noticed that problem for a long time on my M1 mac. I’m using Rosette though, but it’s still really unstable.

for this I wanted this Midipolysher, so that I can e.g. get the guitars in the right note area.

I’m curious why you aren’t using Logic’s own Scripter to set the key range? True you need to have a cheat chart to tell you key note to MIDI number but that’s easy. C3 is 60. If you want to remove the upper and lower range it’s the quickest. You can remove upper or lower or both scaling from up to down and down to up leaving whatever midrange you want. Combine that with Logics Transposer will help as well.

Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 4.23.23 PM

Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 4.44.00 PM

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Thanks for this too. I didn’t even know it existed.

Do we always have to run polysher in Bluecat why will it not run alone ? As AU when I look it never shows up ?

MIDIPolysher is VST only. It will not show as an AU. If you are trying to use it in Logic which only uses AU the Bluecat is the only way to run it.
Logic does have its own script that does a similar thing.