MIDIs banks for rock, funk, jazz, afropop?

Coming from here I realized that MIDIs can be useful to extend Scaler’s options for lazy composers like me LOL

I bought the Niko’s MIDI pack and tried to upload some of thos files in Scaler, and I found it’s very easy, way more than trying to upload any audio
The problem is that Niko’s packs are mostly in musical genres I don’t like so much

On the other hand, jamming and studying the classic is a needed step IMHO before one can break the rules and create something new (if able to do that and I am not :crazy_face: :rofl:), but the genres I love more like rock, funk, jazz, afropop are little or zero represented in NIKO’s or other modern producer packs I found, so I hope some folk here know a MIDI pack producer in the fields I love