Missing Synth Sequences in Playback pane of Pad Editor

Just trying to add some of the new Synth Sequences to the Playback pane in Pad editor and it does not show up in the menu. Shouldn’t it show up below Common Sequences like it does in the upper dashboard?

I checked it on 2 different hosts on 2 different machines. (Win 10)


There is another oddity in the pads. One new section called Chordal Performances under performances is called Common Performances under Pads. Threw me a bit at first.

Ahh…the old Chordal to Common switcheroo. Gets me every time! :slight_smile:

I can confirm the Synth Sequences are not there exactly like yours on Mac.

Yeah, a little mistake on our end, this will get sorted in the next patch.

Thanks for reporting