Mixcraft Pro 8/9 Pro and Scaler 2.0

Hello Scaler, can you tell me Mixcraft 8/9 Pro has been tested with the new Scaler 2.0.

I had problems with an older upgrade from Scaler with my Mixcraft 8 Pro DAW that after many months was finally rectified.


Hi @Nigell

Scaler 2 works in Mixcraft 9 as a VST3.

Thanks Ed for the reply.

I am using Mixcraft 8 Pro (64 bit), should this present any problems with Scaler 2.0?


Hello Ed

I bought the new version of Scaler 2.0.0 yesterday, and installed it. I am having problems with the Recording Notes, after entering 3 or 4 notes Scaler 2.0 crashes my Mixcraft Pro 8 DAW

Have you any suggestions as to why this is happening. Of course, this is the feature I want to use the most in my music creations.


We have released an update 2.0.4 which solves this issue. Have a look on Plugin Boutique to download the latest version

Thank you Ed for letting me know. I have downloaded the update and tested the MC Pro 8 DAW and all seems to be working as it should. Looks like you guys really put some work into this update, I am looking forward to using Scaler more often.

I have replied to Greg at Acoustica (Mixcraft) and he is aware of the 2.0.4 update should others have the same problem I was experiencing.

Kind Regards

Thanks @Nigell for the feedback and for letting others know as well, appreciate it

USing Mixcraft 9 and just downloaded Scaler 2 yesterday, all I get is a blacked out window when I try to open Scaler, any idea how to fix this?

Are you sure about this because I have had a contrasting experience. For me VST 3 not working in Mixcraft 8. However I have recently upgraded to vrs 9 so I will check that. Scaler 2 works fine in Mixcraft I have never needed a reason to use as VST3. Would there be any advantages in using VST3?