Mod - Pathway

In Mod mode - Secondary Scale (preset), scaler 2 sugesst 2 pathways displayed - 3 chords where you can scroll for by arrows for 2/2.
I am using cubse with mac, when I save my project, the path 1/2 is not save and I have to switch it back everytime I open the project. it defaults to path 2/2 everytime I open the project.
Please help.


Hi @awnashed and welcome to the forum.

So far we have not been able to recreate your issue with our setups.
Would you be able to confirm that this is the behavior you also experience in a fresh project?
Just create a new blank project and set Scaler up in the same way and see if you get the same results if possible.
And perhaps if you could share your operating system, what version of cubase and what version of Scaler 2 you are using that might help also.

Thanks James, I will try it in a fresh project.
OS: macOS BigSur 11.7.7
Cubase Pro 12
Scaler 2 ver 2.8

It does not happen with new projects, very strange?
Do not know why it is happening with my current project, any suggestions!

maybe remove the plugin in the project, and re-load it and see if there was something “sticky” with the settings in the project, that once you remove it, removes those settings causing the issue?

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This would have been my next suggestion thanks @fossile!

Make sure to set it up from scratch and not recall a saved state for this.

Please let us know how you go @awnashed