Modal interchange

Can you add some common chords to this page?
For example, there is no third major key here, which is Emaj
Of course, there are some other commonly used chords, join here, can you?

That’s because the chord of E Major doesn’t exist in the seven modes of C Major. What you see is what you get! You would be using Parallel Modulation or Chromatic or even Neo-Riemmanian theory to get there. Or just pop in it in to your chords progressions from suggest mode or chord edit mode. No need for it to be here. Hope that helps!


yes. Makes sense.
Still, I would like to add some commonly used chords here. This will make it easier to click to try it out.
I know I can type it myself. However, if I suddenly want to change a key. Then I’ll have to re-enter.
In this interface, you have already designed various tones, so it is very convenient.
So, I want you to add another “other common chord” here.
Don’t know if this is possible. Just a small idea.

Many novel chord connections take a lot of experimentation to emerge.
In fact, I hope that SCALER has an interface that can put together some commonly used chords as much as possible. Then, we tap new chord progressions that feel good.
Put the frequently used ones too, so you don’t need to type them every time.

This is not where it should be. David explained it quite well above. There are rules as to where things go for music to make sense. If you want to just try them out, put them in patterns. I do that all the time.

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Yes, I know about putting in patterns. But don’t you have to put it on every time? And in fact, back and forth are those, isn’t it very repetitive work?
It would save us time if there was an option for “other common chords”. :grinning:

Everything is right there in Scaler. I cannot help you if you choose not to use it. It’s all right there.