Modulation issues

Hey is there someone with experience to show us how to use the modulation feature in an exclusive video? That’s the only thing that seems to get little attention in the videos that i’ve seen. It’s just glossed over for the most part and assumed that you could just go from chord to chord easily. Do you go and just play the 2nd set after the 1st progression? or do you use the 3rd set of examples? They never complete the process and show how its actually done with a full progression and how it sounds with the options. Thanks.

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I’ve got one in production but to be brutally honest I have been too busy composing and working with the team on content for Scaler to get back to the video. All my latest compositions have used Scaler for modulations so it’s just a matter of devoting a week to find the best material to focus on. I hope it will be worth the wait.


Eagerly waiting to see it Davide. Thanks

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waiting patiently for this one! Just re learning theory, so a modal interchange video including Scaler would be amazing

I suggested the feature the circle of fifths it should be for song design . They made it for key changes, which is kinda backwards. We should be able pull the chords and notes from the wheel and create from there.

Backwards because thats not how you envisaged it? In my composition I find it incredibly useful to listen to how my chord progression will sound in a new key, one that ideally is close to my current key. That entire process can be done with clicking on the Co5ths in the modulation preset… what you are suggesting is also great and inbound very soon in our revised chord edit mode. Stay tuned.


Yes backwards from what I envisioned the functionality of the feature. How awesome is would be to just compose from the circle. Pick the key, and drag the corresponding chord to arrange your composition, a tool within a tool, I will stay tuned, for sure. Thank you for listening to our community!

@davide Any Video updates for us?