Modwheel / CC Passthrough

Hi there,

It’s unfortunate that there’s no way to pass through modwheel or CC messages to an external VSTi… This lack is really annoying for orchestral compositions with Kontakt library for instance.



Hi @Nantho and welcome,

have you tried with the VST2 version it should let your MOD / CC messages pass through?

Thank you very much ED1 !

You are absolutely right, it works with the VST2 version :slight_smile:

It’s strange that it doesn’t with the VST3 one though, especially considering that Steinberg has abandoned the VST2 format…

Anyway, for now everything is OK.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Great, I was looking for this solution as well!

Perhaps, but no guarantees, of course.

Maybe when Steinberg abandons the VST3 format, then that too will start working?!

in case anyone else needs it, I was trying to figure out why Scaler 2 was swallowing my pitchbend and it turns out to be the same issue in this thread - vst2 works fine, vst3 doesn’t pass it through. This is still the case with 2.4 which was released recently

Thanks @sequethin!

On the topic of CC’s, does anyone know if there are there other vst2 vs vst3 consideration/limitations?

On a general note regarding VSTs, any commonly agreed upon reasons to use one over the other when it comes to Scaler?

This is because of the VST3 spec and not the fault of Scaler. Until Steinberg the specs for VST3, Scaler can’t work correctly with it. VST3 works correctly with Scaler on my Mac with Cubase 11 but only Cubase. All other DAWs I use VST2. Steinberg needs to get the VST3 spec working well for all.

Thanks…nothing like software “standards” to hurt and help in the same breath.


I think I’m having the same problem but I’m not sure. I have a seaboard RISE, which has 3 sliders for sending CC messages and an X/Y pad. When I put Scaler in front of my Equator synth in Bitwig, the sliders/XY do nothing.

I tried using the VST2 plugin and had the same issue. Can someone help me understand if this is the same problem, and how I might work around it?