More drag midi options

Firstly, love love love Scaler! It’s like steroids for my compositions!

The request (unsure if it’s a duplicate)

  • More buttons for drag midi such as e.g. melody, chords, highest voice, lowest voice

The pain point

  • I find that I want to often split midi across different instruments for e.g. the chords, the melody
  • If it’s just chords being played it’s not an issue as the notes tend to be played at the same time but when I have e.g. performances, the notes don’t
  • This makes splitting the midi out inefficient as most of the shortcuts I use (logic based) are things like “select highest notes” which will do a blanket select all highest notes per beat rather than those that I typically want e.g. just the melody
  • If there was a method to drag the appropriate midi I want directly from Scaler to the DAW that would be a massive time saver in the long run :slight_smile:

Again if this has already been mentioned or is in the plugin and I’ve completely missed it then apologies :slight_smile:

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Leo Mo,
If I understand your problem correctly, you want to create melody only, without the chords as well.
To do this you set your expression at “melody” just to the right of perform, then go to settings cog icon, and in drop down menu under “expressions”, go to “melody style”, and select “melody.” This will generate a melody only from your chord progression.
Hope that is helpful.

Hey @arcman,

More so the voices in the chord. E.g. a C major chord, I’d want to be able to drag the midi for the C the E and the G to different instruments.

If a melody had many voices then the same for that as well :slight_smile:

I see the problem now. Not one I have considered before. Probably selecting highest note, cut and paste to new instrument. Repeat 3 times.
Good luck with that.

Davide made an excellent video on how to do this, I think one of the Pluginboutique ones last year. It involves several Scaler instances, but there is a way to link them and divide the chords/notes to different instruments that way. If that’s still available on YouTube that would answer your query. I must admit I’d forgotten until I saw your question, so will try and find it again too.

I just realised as I pressed send that I’d misunderstood your question. Oops. That would be a great option, separating from performances. Sorry if I’ve confused things with my initial reply.

Hi @LeoMo I think our next major iteration of Scaler will support most of what you want to do. First there is Scaler 2.9 which will have some great new features and content and then…

Thanks @arcman @Gwortley and @davide for all your inputs and responses :slight_smile:

Another potential addition is “assign voice to midi channel”. Something like this

  • Voice 1 = midi channel 1
  • Voice 2 = midi channel 2
  • Voice 3 = midi channel 3

Then we can sent this to whichever channels e.g. orchestral instruments. And a bonus would be you can do this per group :smiley:

I’m aware you have something like this in place (I believe) but it’s DAW limited. Not sure if this may be of use.