More on Scaler incompatibility aka freezing

I’ve done some more testing on an issue when Scaler runs in Cantabile which results in the file selector window if an attempt is made to invoke an input or output operation.

It is cleart tis is an issue between Scaler and Cantabile, since it only happens with that combination. I’m running the latest Cantabile version (4 build 4056 22.11.2022) and Scaler 2.8.1under Win10 Pro.

Scale 2.7 does not freeze, so there was some code change between the two versions.

If any Scaler developers pass by, it would be useful to know if any i/o operations were recoded between the versions, as that is where the issue must lie.


Hi @panda,

Thanks for the update. Yes we’ve had a few reports of this issue with Cantabile. We’ve lodged this as a bug and should be able to address it a future update.

Thanks again!