MPC 2 DAW / Scaler 2 Audio Detect

Hi, is it possible to detect audio from my MPC. I can get Scaler to detect inputs such as a keyboard but not from an existing track. Any help appreciated!

If it’s line level audio, then this carries no information about the source, so Scaler as such can’t differentiate. So it’s worth double checking (but I assume that you have done so) that what Scaler is receiving from your keyboard isn’t MIDI (which would explain the difference).

Always worth noting in your posts (a) your DAW (although not relevant here) and (b) the operating system. Also, in the case of Apple, your hardware. You will then get responses from users who have a similar set up.(In a complete reversal of history, it used to be PC users who had sometime hardware dependencies, and Apple users would smugly revel in the uniformity of their hardware / os coherence Now it’s the turn of we PC-ians to sit back as users battle with things like Mx / rosemary / whatever)