Multi-channel & Multitimbral Plug-ins

I suspect that many around think that the Multi-Out feature works with all DAWs and plugins, but it’s not the case, unfortunately

here is an article on SOS explaining the topic a bit

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That article is from 2007 so things have likely changed for the better.

I googled “Multi-channel & Multitimbral Plug-ins” and I retrieved very few results…
So I suspect the chances are scarce, and the working ones are likely those relying on external hosts (KK & the so) and cumbersome setups

I did too.

search multitimbral

Kontakt, Omnisphere, Korg LegacyCell, Unify, Falcon can, ElectraX, Korg Triton, Waldorf Largo, Xpand!2, UVI workstation

I have tried Kontakt 16 channels which we all know by now, Unify 16 channels, Xpand!2 4 channels, UVI workstation 16 channels so I presume Falcon is the same, Waldorf Largo 4 channels not sure how that works yet, Korg Triton 8 slots 16 channels,

I am searching for more

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Don’t forget Halion.

I have this one, but I cannot use it as multitimbral
likely because I have Ableton Live I suspect

I’m loving the free SINE player from Orchestral Tools. The player UX is well laid out and the free instruments and articulations sound great!

that looks like a very good option

I’m loving it. I’m new to this kind of player/instrument and really having fun with the Orchestral options. It is working great in Studio One with the MVO feature, but I’m a bit confused by the doc the team put out in Tutorials stating that S1 does not support multi timbral players. Maybe I’m missing something.

Thanks for mentioning SINE! I have downloaded all their free instruments and even bought a few inexpensive ones. But after some testing in Kontakt, Omnisphere, Unify and now SINE I cannot find a way to control Expression and Dynamics. Especially not per instrument/channel. And Velocity will always be the same on all channels. So maybe Multi-Out is not quite as useful as I initially thought…?

Davide gave me a link to explain Multi-Out and Multi-Timbral… excellent!

There are 2 others that I know of:

Hyperion Modular Synth is available from, you would create your own Combi preset and create as many Layers in the Combi for Scaler Multi Out instruments you require
WoodSynt(h) is available in the MacOS App Store, there is also an AUv3 iOS/iPadOS version (only supports a maximum of 4 Layers