Multi-channel output in 2.7.2

I LOVE this (as I do mostly orchestral trailer/cues) but… according to Davide’s introduction video on YT, it is only applicable to pre-built patterns in the ‘Songs’ section of tab A.
I would like to see this be global and applicable in section C (pattern builder). If it is, I evidently can’t make it work on any patterns that I build in section C. Let me know please.

As long as MMO is turned on it works. Is it turned on under preference? Those pre built songs are just specific to demo. MMO works on all chords. Any in artists, etc. The break down is Channel 1 = all notes of the chord, Channel 2 = lowest note, Channel 3 Next note up etc.
What is your DAW and OS? How you handle splitting out depends on the DAW.

As I understood Davide’s explanation of the MMO, it was only available on the preset SONGS section. I will give it a try on one of my own progressions in Section C ASAP.
I use both Nuendo and/or Cakewalk by Bandlab on Win10Pro, BTW. I make my living doing soundtracks, trailers, stingers, and cues, so this tool is going to make available some new and exciting progressions! So COOL! Excellent work on the product!

As I said, all chords are utilizing MMO if it is turned on in preferences. It would be pretty useless if it only did a few under the Songs list. In Cubase/Nuendo you need to use Track Input transformer for the correct MIDI channel and make sure it’s activated.

I go over that a little in this thread…

Yes, I’ve got it working in both DAWs and am rebuilding my orchestration templates now. Thanks!