Multiple layers

I just thought of something, but not sure if it would make sense. What about the ability to add multiple layers of the eq? I mean, we can easily add 2 instances of the plugin of course, but what about having 2-3 layers inside of the plugin, similar to how ozone let’s you add 2 eq modules? Would it make sense? (I’m thinking 1 layer for sound designing with the scales, and another layer for smoothing things out, for example).

It’s weird, I don’t understand anything. In Ozone, it’s not the same EQ twice?

Hello. Yeah I know, in ozone it’s 2 separate eqs, one after the other. I mean basically the same setup. Sorry if it’s weird, not thought through very deeply :sweat_smile:

multiple instances of the same eq would seem to be a lot of UI coding vs simply adding another instance of the eq to your fx list… not sure a complex UI to do what the fx bin does will somehow reduce cpu consumption nor make it easier to figure how how many instance of eq are running in it…

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Hmm yeah probably true.

Prolly another thing to consider is the CPU hit. What we do in Scaler EQ requires some power. Getting it to the stage we have now was an ‘engineering feat’ from our coders. So in your case I would load to Scaler EQs. In the past it’s not uncommon for me to load two EQs, one for stereo processing and one for mid/side. Scaler EQ I can do both with in one unit which I love.

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