Multiple scales in series for guitar solos using Scaler green-keys

Hi pals

Thinking to my loved & late friend Carlos Eduardo Arellano, I remembered he said in a video he used multiple scales to do blues and rock solos, so I did a search and found this website with some tips

Using the routing below

I put the first 3 scales in series in one instance of Scaler 2:

  1. A Minor Pentatonic
  2. C Major
  3. A Harmonic Minor

And I used this Scaler instance to drive one of the Ableton Live guitars with Scaler’s green keys

Scaler with 3 scales for solo guitar.xml (70.8 KB)

Then I duplicated the Scaler instance to drive a rhythm guitar, AAS Strum-GS 2 used with variable loop mode

Scaler with 3 scales for acco guitar.xml (70.7 KB)

Here is the MIDI Polysher used for Broomstick Bass

And the MIDI Polysher used for AAS Strum-GS 2

I used Broomstick Bass to jam, but after I used its MIDI to feed EZbass chords, and then I found and applied a cool bassline

EZBass.mid (6.1 KB)

At the end I select a suitable drums with EZdrums, and for the first time I used a complex intro

EZDrums 3.mid (11.5 KB)

Yesterday I jammed for about an hour doing amazing solos, but I could have jammed forever with this set WOW :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:

And then I recorded the song:

  1. the first 45 sec contain just the solo & drums and they are just fine
  2. the following time up to minute 2 contains simple solo notes, and you’ll note that there is a couple of gaps here
  3. From 2 to 4 minutes I tried using the Modulation and Pitch controllers and there are many issues here YUK!

The resulting output is deliberately RAW to let you, and devs, understand the issues that one may encounter using Scaler green keys for solos

The output stops randomly i.e. I click on keys and nothing happens and a gap is made
I don’t know if it’s a bug or just a bad interaction between Scaler and my system

One high-pitch note jumps out here and there, and again I don’t know why
End of message to devs :grinning:

Now I hope that somebody can explain why I cannot use the Pitch controller freely
In other words, why a solo made with green-keys, so generally in-tune, goes so much out-of tune using the Pitch controller?
And there is a way to fix this issue in real-time?

Well, if there is no solution a bit of MIDI post-editing, or dropping Melodyne can be the solution, apart becoming smarter in playing guitar :grinning:

Have fun with 3 Scales in Series For Guitar Solos

P.S: I started to think that those 3 scales put in parallel, instead of in series, can be better
In the next days, I’ll try it