Music Critique

Does anyone have any advice on how I can connect with other producers to review/critique my music?

Try ‘LANDR collaborate’ so different people can listen to your music.

or simply just use reddit, i’m sure you’ll get creative tips.

Thanks for your reply.

@jamesdavid you can also try Reverbnation

If they didn’t change formula, with a small bill you can have a blind review by other users
I found it very useful to understand some of my weak points

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Thanks, I’ll check it out…

Metapop is great. Lots of active members and lots of positive support. Weekly mix competitions with great prizes. All free. Supported by Native Instruments. Lots of collaborations too.
Check out my tracks there:

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Thanks for the tip @arcman , I’ve been doing Soundcloud for a few pieces, but now I may be inspired to torment the users at Metapop. cheers


Yes I think you will find that there is a lot more camaraderie at Metapop. Real people, NOT music service promoters, actually comment on your music. Most of the music ay Metapop is re-mix, but there are many original composers also. And the level of talent can be quite high. Some of the stuff that is produced sounds radio ready, but there are lots of amateurs also.