Music theory analysis

Can Scaler 2 take any song and analyze the chord theory behind it either by dragging in the audio file or inserting the chords yourself?


Hi @jpchords and welcome to the forum.

Yes Scaler 2 can analyze the chords in a track and present you with a list of likely scales, the diatonic chords of that scale and also will show the scale degrees being used in the analyzed chord progressions.

While audio detection does work quite well, it’s effectiveness will depend on the complexity of the audio you are feeding into it and sometimes you may need to use your best judgment. A busy section of a track with many elements going on at once for example may not detect the exact chords 100% or may display incorrect inversions.
There’s quite a few tutorials online about using the Audio Detect feature.

Programming the chords directly into Scaler 2 will obviously give you the correct results too.

Ok great thanks much appreciated!