My first concept (?) album

Considering that somebody here believe I have a future in the music business, apart ringing the bell and run away :rofl:, here is my first concept (?) album Rokkoz

Sure, I know that this term is obsolete in the time of sewing & stitching, but I am a … dyno

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I feel compelled to note that your favourite bands have all been not only British, but English, so it will be good if the album ( I haven’t had chance to listen yet) has a nod to that influence :grinning:

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Yes, you’ll find that influence
Just an entreaty: texts are from old UK poets, but I speak old (and new) English like a Spanish cow, so please show mercy :rofl:

And defnitely too long for the 2 1/2 min Spotify limit :wink:

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It reminds me that Sting lost 1 gazillion of Brasilian fans after he publicly disapproved the rain forest disaster…

Well, I think I can cope on losing 1-2 fans on Spotify :rofl: