My first song using Scaler

I bought Scaler a few months ago, and I’m watching the discussions on this forum carefully.
Getting to grips with this tool, obviously due to its richness, involves a rather high learning curve. The interface is confusing, for my taste, but fortunately there are a few videos to clear things up.
The tool seems to be heading in the direction of an arranger, and why not? In any case, I’ve taken the plunge.
I usually compose on the ukulele but for this track, I let my inspiration be guided by Scaler’s suggestions.
Once the chord grid was fixed, I went back to my usual routine and Scaler didn’t get involved in the orchestration of the track or the composition of the melody, that’s for another time.
Enjoy A stupid kind of love
PS the voice was generated by Synth V Solaria


Nice job @LRaM and thanks for sharing.

Good job on the vocals.

For those thinking of adding vocals to their tracks there is a free lite version of Synth V here.

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For the vocals, I sang the track myself then converted it to midi with melodyne and loaded it into Synth V and made a lot of rhythmic adjustments.

The male voices seem cool, but the tool is not a VST, so useless in my workflow

Maybe that I’ll find a way in the future to sing like Ian Gillan in Child In Time without pissing my neighborhood off

Il use or in Reaper it is a vst3

Strange: I downloaded the demo and I saw just a standalone GUI, no vst in the proper folder :thinking:

Check and see if Bitwig rejected it in the plug-in manager. Or try rescanning again.

according to their webpage, it seems to me that the basic Synthesizer doesn’t suffice, but the Pro is needed

"If you want to take your AI singer usage to the next level,

with features like using Synthesizer V in your DAW of choice

utilizing vocal modes to give different styles to AI singers, and cross-lingual synthesis for AI singers in English, Japanese, and Chinese, you can purchase Synthesizer V Studio Pro"

I re-download it anyway, but no VST at all

Maybe the vst is only with the pro version, the one I own.

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the vst is only with the pro version

This. :point_up_2:

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yes, just the Pro version

and my policy, after a (too much high) number of lemons, is never buy a product that has not a demo with ALL features available