My "Fix You" (Coldplay) piano and vocals cover done with Scaler 2!

I will never thank enough the Scaler development team for allowing me to realize my covers and original songs! Not being a musician, I could not rely on my sole abilities.

Scaler 2 is a great pianist mate!

If you have any question on the settings I used or other, don’t hesitate!

Thanks to those who will take a listen!



Hi, Carlo,

Great singing voice! The entire arrangement sounds really nice!!

I have a bunch of questions for you. Thanks for asking.

What brand and model is that beautiful looking and sounding microphone you’re using?

How long did it take you to create the chord progression you’re using?

Did you mix various voicings of the chords to come up with the final progression?

I hope you saved the progression, not just the MIDI file it created.
I’m definitely interested in looking at your progression to analyze it, if you don’t mind sharing it.

Thank you for sharing your cover and offering to take our questions!


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Hi Johne and thanks for the kind words! I was hoping for some replies, I’m happy to share!

The mic is quite cheap and basic, it’s the Neewer NW-800. It’s good for beginners, but I will definitely replace it in the future with a better mic!

Here’s the settings of the lead piano for the verse, chorus and bridge:

Would really appreciate you leaving a like and or a comment under the video on YT.



Nice arrangement and vocals … What plugins do you have on your vocal chain by the way?

Hi! Thanks a lot for the kind words and for the comment on YT!

I have a parallel compression and a reverb (BREVERB by Cakewalk), also parallel. Then I have on the vocal track a pitch correction to control the pitch (Graillon 2) but the voice was already great (LOL), a gate to remove the noise, a de-esser, an EQ and a compressor. All Tone Boosters plug-ins.

All plugins are free! The old version of Tone Boosters is free on their website!

Hope it helps!


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I will definitely give you a Like on YT. I’m still in the early stages of learning Scaler 2, but being able to put together different patterns into a complete song is my goal. You did a really on this. For an inexpensive mic, it looks and sounds great!

Thanks for the screen shots!

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Appreciate this extra info, too!

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Welcome! Thank you! Until next time!

That is one of my favorite songs of all time. Brilliant cover. Going to like it on Youtube.

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Thanks a lot! Being your favourite, that means a lot to me! THANKS!