My license will not recognize my email, cannot complete download of scaler 2

I have been trying for an hour. At first my scaler didn’t even show up on my mac, I had to create a new folder, and now once it is recognized, I get through to being able to type the email i registered but am met with the red “unable to verify email address” every time. Any solutions?

@Ed1 can you help me?

To activate with the email address, I discovered it mustn’t contain any space characters before and after the email address.

If you copy an email address with space characters, it often rejects that address.

Just an observation.

They are always good at getting back to people about license problems. Might take a little while since it is the weekend and they are based in Australia I think.

Hi @doejangles

please send us an email containing the email address registered to Plugin Boutique at