My new toy Ample Sound

I bought a new toy. I wouldn’t talk about a toy, but about a really good-sounding and authentic-sounding guitar. It requires a lot of learning as all the new stuff, but a really nicely and simply implemented layout.


This is exactly what I’ve been looking for on the guitar side. Sometimes you have to buy more different guitars. They’re just quite expensive. However, considerably cheaper than real guitars. :wink:

Check out Hifimidi on YouTube for some tips.

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The TC and the LP are great too!

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yes, fine, and they have also a free guitar that sounds well
Ample Guitar M Lite

nevertheless, I found it difficult to play, compared to my AAS Strum-GS 2, the manual is useless (just trivial information about installing and basic features), and the videos I found were incomprehensible and/or didn’t explain the things that were interesting to me

But it’s sound that a guitarist like you has a different mileage

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Not true. Manual is 84 pages long and very comprehensive.

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I made this with the AGT this morning.


It all depends on the personal meaning of “comprehensive” :grin:
the information I searched for weren’t there

and it has nothing to do with the page number
I found manuals even larger that are just useful for trivial information

the reason is that some developers (or third party) sell books, video-courses and webinars, so they don’t want jeopardize that money source

@Hulkko is excited about their latest investment. I’m sure they’ll create something great using it, with or without the manual.

Ample guitars sound great and I have no trouble using them with Scaler. Just need to add a MIDI Polysher to focus the Scaler range. Never liked the sound of the AAS Strum.

I agree, and I use S-Gear to improve it

nevertheless, it’s easy using it totally with Scaler, partially with Scaler and my right hand, or totally by both hands on

anyway, as usual, YMMV

Very nice and nice sounds.

yes, nice tune indeed

AmpleSound makes incredible sounding acoustic, electric and bass guitar VSTs. I have always been a GS Strum fan for their ability to put proper guitar voicing and strums on a keyboard. However, I was never fully satisfied with Strum voicing because is not based on actual samples. AmpleSound, on the other hand, is based on samples with detailed and extensive articulations. It makes a difference. Besides traditional guitars, check out the Amplesound Lap Steel, just incredible sounding with all the right playable articulations.

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Yes, I think so

The reason why I started with Strum-GS is that my old PC was unable to cope with sample-based plugins

Now that I have a stronger PC I am too much accustomed to use it, I spent too much money in that ecosystem, and also I don’t have fun with advanced playing/programming that is needed to use articulations etc. so I’ll be stuck on Strum-GS

I also tried UJAM but I uninstalled it: too boring

I think I’ll reinstall Ample Guitar M Lite anyway, because its sound was fine

Excellent. It has a “Bright” peak at around 3200 HZ. (use an EQ to lower around there) Works excellent with TH-U , Bias FX and others. Amplitube is kinda fizzie for some reason. The imput seems to hot. For simple, nice distortion try the free plugin Fire. Smooth, clean and controllable. For more analog try Nembrini PSA 1000 for $20.00. Has a nice analog warmth to it. Plus it has a very interesting and useful spread feature. I use that unit as a pre-amp to mix line analog with distortion on all my VST guitars and it just sounds fantastic.

It’s the same with GuitarRig 6. Sort of muffled, over saturated. Never tried plugging my real guitar in though, my be different.

That’s why i always use channel one for PSA and and then that to channel to guitar rig, blue cat,and whatever all on different channels and then use the volumes to mix to taste. You can also try cutting the high’s/lows on the channels to get even more variance. Even 3 guitar rigs run all on different channels with different settings/presets can really open up some amazing accidents. There are no rules.

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Jon is good, but I know - you put the video there not because of the axeman, but because of the “plankman”, Viking with long hair. Right? :rofl:

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