My new toy

I’ve been trying out my new toy for a couple of days. Seems like an interesting program. Finds great chord progressions and arpeggios very quickly. I recommend at least trying the program if you are not already familiar with it.

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Yes this is an interesting Rack. There was a discussion of it some time ago here -


Yes, thanks, I read. In any case, it has its place, although I’m still more satisfied with Scaler.

I wish the Scaler program would have much better arpeggio pattern possibilities. In addition, you should invest in the guitar. There are many good things about Scaler, but there are also many shortcomings of competing companies. Although you could invest in the Sointu thing, because with another program I can immediately get more interesting chord progressions.

Great little program, have used it often (not as often as scaler!). The team behind Reason Studios have been front of the game for a long time, big fan and user of their software.