My pure live guitar chords sets for Scaler

Guitar Chords Series for Scaler (requires v. 2.1.2 and above)
“Nu-Retro” - key: Bmin
Chords: 28
Style: retro pop
Scaler Instrument: Acoustic steel guitar (or similar external source of you choice)

It include:

  • 4 chord pattern files (.xml) , 1 full session file (.xml)
  • 1 demo MIDI file with the notes data input for trigger the chords/scales in Scaler:
    MIDI demo instructions:
  • set Scaler 2 as plugin FX in your DAW and load/import the demo MIDI file. Set tempo to 126 BPM, play, enjoy!
  • One of the mp3 demos is just the backing track without the Scaler performance. With the included MIDI file you can “invite” Scaler to join the band as a guitarist :slight_smile: and test the chords for yourself in your DAW.

To increase Scaler users interaction with its amazing and useful guitar section, I am pleased to release and share in the forum this first release of my live chords series for Scaler . “Nu-Retro” - key: Bmin is basically a set of chords in B minor with which you can evoke and build some progressions frequently used in the 60s and 70s in pop, rock, ballad and other styles. I include a set de audio demos.

To try to achieve a reliable performance, I recorded with a guitar equipped with a hexaphonic pickup (Roland GK-3 compatible) and external converter to record the MIDI data corresponding to the chords that Scaler will receive and detect. This transcribe exactly the notes played in a guitar fretboard and ensures a better interpretation of the playing techniques that a real guitarist would use, and not infrequently so hard to achieve on a piano keyboard, unless a later editing process is done, which could be long and tedious.

It should be noted that certain typical guitar playing techniques and subtleties cannot be exactly transcribed via MIDI, and this is where the potential of Scaler comes to the fore. Scaler has an intrinsic ‘sampler’ nature and ‘recording’ the guitar is fully demonstrated.
Due to this and the processing and performance ultra musical features packed in Scaler, and although as I said it is not perfect for inherent physical reasons, it still opens up enormous possibilities for experimentation, I hope your enjoy it!

Production rig:

  • Guitar and E.bass: Godin xtSA (13 pins Roland synth guitar) used for MIDI conversion.
  • VG processor:; BOSS GP-10
  • Scaler 2.1.2 Plugin Boutique
  • Reaper 6.14 Cockos
  • Band-in-a-Box 2020 (PG Music) , congas, organ, additional guitars.(with RealTracks and RealDrums)
  • TS-808 2.0 , TRx-080 (808 emu)
  • Scaler 2 Acoustic Guitar additional process: Overloud TH-U (EQ, compression, doubler, exciter) Overloud BReverb 2 (plate and hall reverb)

Audio demos:
Nu-Retro 1 (Scaler + context lead gtr)
Nu-Retro 2 (Scaler not lead guitar,
Nu-Retro 3 (Backing track, not Scaler/lead guitar)

Download the files below. In ‘Settings/Preferences’ open ‘Source Folder’ (sets) create a folder and copy/move all 5 files.

Nu-Retro chord sets for Scaler 2 (requires v. 2.1.2 and above)
AcGuitar - Nu-Retro - Bmin-1-Pattern 1.xml (1.1 KB) AcGuitar - Nu-Retro - Bmin-2-Pattern 2.xml (1.0 KB) AcGuitar - Nu-Retro - Bmin-3-Pattern 3.xml (871 Bytes) AcGuitar - Nu-Retro - Bmin-4-Pattern 4.xml (698 Bytes) AcGuitar - Nu-Retro - Bmin-Session-2020-10-04.xml (29.6 KB)

MIDI DEMO FILE (input notes for Scaler in DAW)
Guitar - Nu-Retro - Bmin.mid (1013 Bytes)


Criticism and constructive opinions are welcome.


Oh Boy, looks like I am the first… :crazy_face: All loaded as instructed and playing now. This is the start of a very promising future for contributors and users. Thank you Carlos for leading the way.

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OMG :smile: Maestro, is that really you? Of course it is. Folks should know that Carlos is one talented guy. Carlos, we are very fortunate to have caught your attention here in the Scaler forum. Where you go, good music happens. So happy to see you here. :grin:

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Dan! how are you? It’s good to see you here, thanks for your words, much appreciated. I already had the presumption that you were the same person in the biab forum, especially because of that always tangible energy that orbits in the highest musical (and technological) frequencies.

By the way, I think Scaler is a perfect partner for Biab as both pieces get full of possibilities. And I think that’s why we’re both here. Please, let me know your impressions of this guitar chords pack.
and let’s tune in!


This is great stuff! Well done. Lots to learn here about Scaler. I tried it with Musiclabs Real Guitar and it sounds good! Thanks for this!

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Great job. Very useful. Did you hand code the xml files or is there someway of generating them automatically?

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That’s how Scaler exports the Chord sets.

Thanks. Just like Jamieh pointed. Scaler 2 is able to registry and save your chords and settings for future use. You even can save global settings, which include display and system plugin configurations + your chords if you have some done.

Thanks for this. You did good work here. I liked all the Patterns, but Pattern 1 is really caught my ear.

This was also a good learning experience for me. I’m still just a few short weeks or so into learning the plug-in. Your post’s screen shots made it easy for me.

Good job! :slight_smile:

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Great job. Thanks a lot.

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