My usual derailment LOL

As usual: I started with a dreamy guitar arpeggios in UJAM Silk 2, and then I ended in a totally different song, he he he

I love these crazy derailments on the fly :rofl:

The Scaler status for guitar accompaniment & solo
(yes, this time Scaler Keys-Lock worked, even with a little help)

Scaler-State_2024-01-25_213713.xml (15.0 KB)

Scaler-solo.xml (15.4 KB)

The guitar for accompaniment: I used Scaler for chords, and my hands to change patterns, and also to move the 2 rollers

The guitar for the solo: AAS Strum is the only plugin I use & love for solos

The amp for guitar

The Ableton scale to help Scaler

and here is Crazy Silk

Wait - I thought you gave up Live?

I can’t do that
I dislike any other DAW for a reason or another
one doesn’t recognize my controllers, another doesn’t want certain plugins that I use every day (like Bitwig)
and almost all have GUIs I cannot cope with

so I am stuck with cashes on closing, but I can survive to it because I open the DAW again, I select to NOT retrieve the project, then I open that project as usual and it works
it just crashes when I close the DAW, nevertheless I save or not save the project before

If you google “ableton crashes on closing” you’ll see other experiment that

And there is always the hope that an update fixes it, even if

this bug was there in 2007, and the support always says the same silly thing “delete the customizations” What? The customizations are useful, even essential, sometimes :japanese_goblin:

So you CAN save before you quit and it just crashes when you close? Sounds like an annoying but not very serious issue at the moment. If you couldn’t save then that would be a major problem.
Welcome back - oh wait, you never left! :joy: :joy: :rofl:

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A very silly behavior indeed
Well, when I find some time I’ll try to debug
I’ll come back to Bitwig
The problem in Bitwig is that there is no a “Scale tool” like the one in Ableton, and as far as Scaler Keys-Lock work so badly, I cannot do solos without a tool like that
Bitwig seems recognizing my 2 controllers, but after a while it stops seeing them, dunno why

sometime the close the app crashes can be due to audio IO contention, and can also be file contention (sometimes the file handles opened for “tracks” as temp even, if some other process like A/V scanners, cloud services, other apps can cause an application (not just a DAW) to crash on close).

can you close the project but not the app? or either causes the crash? or there is no option to “close” a project - in which case, after the save, do a “new”, and then close the app.

This worked for me long ago when Live was doing that for me. The next update fixed it. But I learned to Save current project, Make a new project and then quit. That did work great. I had forgotten that since Live is totally stable for me these days and for a long time.

Thanks, I’ll try that later

I’m beginning to think a ‘Trials of Claudio’ live stream might attract viewers trying to guess what the next episode would be :slight_smile:


I am sure you know what :rofl:

BTW, I also tested Mulab, and even f it’s an outlier it seemed good, but this is not my next move, that is no DAW at all

Now I am testing Cantabile, free version
After all I love jamming, not editing, automating, mixing and mastering

I use Cantabile all the time, and find it very useful. If you splash a few EUR on the ‘Solo’ version, that has really good and intuitive midi routing (very flexible filters). I use it quite often in conjunction with Live…

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Well, now that you say that, I think to remember you suggested me this piece of software, but I wasn’t ready for a no-DAW workflow

Now instead I am very happy with it because it is perfect for jamming and not recording anything (90% of my musical hobby)

I think that I’ll buy Cantabile Solo because you can record with it (10% of my musical hobby), but I want to test it before

Connecting keyboards is super easy!

Using my M-Audio Keystation MINI 32 was hard or impossible with DAWs, while here I just used 2 clicks to do that

So now I can use the Keystation MINI 32 to activate the UJAM Style Phrases while Scaler plays chords, and I can use the main keyboard to plays solos with the AAS Strum guitar

BTW, I found that the 3 data buttons of Keystation MINI 32 are defaulted to activate the Force and Damp button in the UJAM interface and it’s super cozy

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You may care to glance at my Cantabile page on MIDI at

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Very interesting :heart_eyes:
I have 2 questions for you:
1 - if I try to export the Scaler status within Cantabile, the latter freezes and I have to kill it in Task Manager (I asked their support and the forum, but no replies so far)
2 - I am trying to have Cantabile recognizing my 2 MIDI controllers (Korg Nanokontrol 2 and AKAI MIDImix) but they aren’t seen

So does mine - never noticed that. However, we can’t jump to conclusions here which it is here. I see you have posted on the Cantabile forum - let see what comes out of that. Brad normally picks up on these things.

“Cantabile recognizing my 2 MIDI controllers”
I’m note sure that ‘Solo’ will do much, but certainly you should be able to setup an input MIDI port and link it to the MIDI post exposed in Windows. I’t won’t recognise it automatically I suspect. I use LoopMIDI

to create the internal ports, then link these to Cantabile


You can see my Arturia Keylab in there.

Then to respond to the controller you could used MIDI rules capability, but that will probably fail your ‘20 minute’ test :slight_smile: , but getting the midi in should be straight forward.

I think it is more a problem with Korg drivers, because even the Korg Editor doesn’t see it
Somebody in other forums advices to not use them
I also found that every time you move a USB device from a port to another, Windows 10 keeps it as a ghost device instead of removing it, so just now I deleted tons of ghosts…
I am a ghostbuster then?

Well, Cantabile has not a mixer, so not a big problem

Nevertheless, I always wanted to use the nano 2 for my Hammond plugin
I’ll do other tests

But before that I have to (try) to rebuild all my 30 Ableton Live songs in Cantabile: quite a though task, :cold_face:

I have to open each Ableton project, exporting all MIDIs, audio, presets, picture of plugins, etc. hoping I can import in Cantabile the Scaler status at least

Well, at the end I gave up with Cantabile, because it crashes, and quite often also, YUK

I realized that my system is just unsuitable for multiple RAM-sucker plugins, nevertheless the DAW or the no-DAW workflow, so I keep using the workflow that I know better and is easier to use for me

Doesn’t hurt to try new things even if you go back to what you know. You might even learn things, at least for a while. :wink:

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Well, I suspect that musicians find Cantabile rock-solid because they are mostly keyboard players: it means they use their hardware instruments for effects and maybe they almost never use sample-based plugins
OR, they just have suitable computers