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Is it possible lt run scaler2 in NI Maschine to control other instruments yet?

Unfortunately not, and that’s a Maschine limitation, not a Scaler issue.
The Maschine software principally does not read MIDI out from plugins.
But there are third party plugins that help with that routing in Maschine, like Blue Cat Audio’s Patchwork and PluginGuru’s Unify.

yeah, thats the one limitation I hate with Maschine. I was hoping you all found a way around it. Thanks for the reply

I’m able to run scaler maschine on a channel and it be the master to another channel, but I have to turn the volume to 0 on scaler to play the chords. the only way I can really make it work is to just drag and drop the chords I created into scaler onto another instrument as a midi file and that kind of limits me

I can run Scaler in Maschine by itself, and it will work just fine as its own instrument, using Scaler-internal sounds. And, as you said, drag&drop MIDI from Scaler into the Maschine piano roll.

Another work around could be running Scaler as a “stand-alone” via a VST host, like NanoHost
from Tone2.


Then route the output from NanoHost via a virtual midi router (e.g. LoopBe, or loopMIDI ) into Maschine, to have a Maschine instrument or plugin play the MIDI coming from Scaler in the external VST host.


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