Need Help, No Detection when Audio Registers On the Src:Audio Meter?

In Cubase 10.5.20 - I have a ScalerAudio 2 inserted on an audio group track as a Vst Effect Plugin. As I play the audio track Scalers meter registers an active signal level on the Src:Audio Meter - but when I click the “record” icon to activate “detect” there is no detection occurring for the audio as it plays. Why would this not work? Please see the attachment Image

Thank You!

I was able to solve my “issue” by clicking on the “play” icon - I guess I just didn’t know how to use Scaler. Sorry for the unnecessary post

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Things like this can confuse me too!

Yes. I am very much still learning. The thing is, is that scaler is having a very hard time detecting my audio. I am finding that I am wanting detection of the meter as well, but I do not think that scaler is able to do that - right? Thanks for dropping your replay :smiley:

I’m not sure I understand your post, but, just make sure the Scaler Meter is getting adequate level. There’s a small slider under the the Scaler Input Meter, make sure that slider is low enough to detect the audio input to Scaler.

I find audio detection is best for finding some close chords which can then be edited further. I sometimes have to start and stop it to get it to perform.

I should have stated - that I am wanting detection of the rhythm.

I also am finding that starting and stoping is helpful. I think my guitar audio is hard to detect because it i FULL of harmonics, not played harmonics, but rather harmonics from the tube amp and gtr body. The detected chords are way off and not usable - - Cheers!

Scaler is really trying to focus on finding the harmonic content not rhythmical content. Audio needs to be improved and for the very reason you have found. This type of technology is still relatively nascent. We need to remember that we are a circa 50$USD plugin that also detects audio. Melodyne, my go to for accurate audio detection is ten times that price and specialises in pitch detection and correction only.
We need to improve, but in context of the advancement of scaler overall.

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I really like Scaler and things it CAN do, it’s TOTALLY worth the $, if it gets even better, COOL! I use Melodyne Essential, just cant afford the better versions. Also REALLY like InstaChord. With my layman knowledge of music theories, these are of tremendous value to me. I am really happy that I was able to figure out the rhythm of what i am doing right now, in 6/4 time, that is progress for me, having a lot of trouble with time counts. I am not troubled by Scaler not being able to detect my GTR sounds, like I said they are VERY full of resonant harmonics, it is just not surprising that the fundamental chords or not picked out. Guitar Pro is real good tool also. Using all these together is really instructive.

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