Need Location of Scaler settings/states

Where does Scaler save the settings?
My two stations are setup to auto-sync files so I need the directory where Scaler saves it’s settings.

Hi @hairyMug

I think you have two choices. If you choose to save a state by clicking on the SAVE button in the bottom left-hand corner of teh MAIN page

then Scaler will save the state to the USER Chord Sets directory.

If, however you choose to EXPORT State from the Scaler menu

then a file dialogue window will launch enabling you to choose where to save the state.

I prefer this method as it enables me to distinguish between states and chord sets, but that is a personal choice.

Also if you click on the Gear on the upper right of the GUI, under SETTINGS you can see the default Scaler chord set location. You can change it to a more convenient locale there though they will all show up in the drop down chord set window. Using the export button, as @ed66 suggests, to set up your own project location is preferred by me these days.

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thank you all for the replies…
my goal is to not have to export or save manually as I have 5 sync-ed Scalers.
So I moved the cordset location to be the same location BUT I did not see any chordsets in the directory so I’m guessing it’s stored in the registry…
If this is the case, I’m probably going to have to save each scaler…
Thinking their may be some info in the host for the song…
I’m using Studio One so I’ll do some more digging…

If each Scaler is different than you would need to save each one. If, however, you have one chord set that is repeated and synced over 5 Scalers than you could save the Master. Is each Scaler different?

Yes, each scaler has different settings…
I found out that I do have to save each one…
The thing is, somewhere the settings are saved for every plugin for each song… no specific saving has to be done, all plugin states are loaded when the song is loaded.
I’m guessing that Scaler also does this, so I’m searching for that location.

This is specific to the DAW and how it handles that. It would be located in specific session information that the DAW builds. Not sure how you would access that or use it outside of the session.

Ya, I did locate where I think it is but it looks like it uses unique GUIDs to identify the plugin instance.
– it’s not worth the time/effort to take this further.
Since I already auto-sync the “song” between the two stations, I’ll just develop my Scaler patterns on the one system then put them in MIDI tracks.