Negative Harmony

Any chance of seeing the Negative Harmony of a scale in the future as re-ignited by Jacob Collier?

I’m sure everyone has seen the videos, would be fun to have the option to explore this in Scaler.

Quick Video Explanation

Rick Beato video


I love negative harmony but how do you envisage it could be implemented? Select a C Major and it gives you a G phrygian (thats kind of there already) or does it start the G Phrygian on the C to display the negative harmonic equivalent? This could happen on a preset of the modulation page, come to think of it, this would allow you to substitute the ‘stable’ degrees by looking at the corresponding negative harmony scale…Hmm food for thought for our next team discussion…

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Firstly thank you to you and the team for such a marvellous & inspiring tool!

I’m running v1.8.1 so in the lower tabs Diatonic Chords / Chord Variations / Voicing / Negative Harmony possibly?

I have signed up for the beta but not in yet, so not sure how to implement in v2 which i imagine it would be added in eventually & looks to be very different from v1.
Thanks again

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Not too different, but there’s is a modulation page with presets. On the table to discuss!

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Hi , Yes Modulation Page looks like the best place to implement Negative Harmony.
Under Tool:
Secondary Scale
Modal Interchange
Negative Harmony

On the Modulation Page With Modal Interchange selected
Can each line be labelled with which Mode they are Ionian, Mixolydian etc…?

I also noticed that Pitch bend & Modwheel information does not pass through to 3rd party synths from Scaler2, having this use is super helpful.

Hope this helps.


all of that help a lot! thank you very much.

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A function that transforms chords based on negative harmony would be very cool and very useful!
Please consider implementing in Scaler 2 a transform of chords with negative harmony and reflective scales.


Please implement negative harmony. As far as I understand the concept it helps to come up with very innovative progressions still sounding harmonic but with a special feeling. Video recommendation also explaining the relationship between Neo- Riemannian and Negative Harmony,

??? Ahh, it’s no wonder… they both sound weird, in fact very weird at times. :wink:

Are the any plans moving forward on negative harmony based modulation? I think in conbination with the midi/audio import feature it would be a great tool for inspiration. Loosely speaking: 1. bring in some existing harmony, 2. modulate it by negative harmony, 3. manually adjust and bring variations.

Yes at some stage. Other priorities at the minute but we were getting somewhere with this. Stay tuned.

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