New chords view feature

Hi i would love to see a chords view like Sundog Song Studio. It has ie Cmajor chords scale but has the types undetneath. So Cmajor has many type choices on a vertical line then D the same etc… This is a wondetful worflow and would help Scaler remain N0.1 by far for a long time coming

Can you give an example screenshot?

You could even add borrowed chords. Scaler has a page with this kind of layout.Thank you for your interest

It could have dominant,major minor 7th ,minor,major 6,sus 2,4 augmented as well. It really speeds up work flow with lots of choices. The sundog has inversions as well.I know that Scaler has somethong similar, but you can only do one chord at a time to check chord types and not as much.