New composition; yearning, presence, medicine, healing. Scaler 2 keeps blowing my mind

Just want to thank @davide @Tristan and @James so incredibly much for the wonderful Scaler 2 course. I found that I was only using a small percentage of what Scaler offers, and especially loving (finally) understanding how all of the modulation modes work. (You had great tutorials before, but somehow this brought it all together for me.)

This software is so mind-bogglingly powerful and creative-amplifying, you all are doing a huge service to those of us who have musical ideas but not the training.

Here’s the (mixed and mastered) first piece I wrote after integrating the knowledge I gleaned from doing the course. It’s almost all performed in real time with keys-lock (extended) and there’s a sweet modulation at the very end (4:48) where we go from F/dorian to EbM and it’s SEAMLESS. Totally freaking seamless, like walking through an open door. Wow, just thank you so much. I am so grateful.

“Golden Medicine” on Vimeo


Great job really enjoyed how the composition was built

Thanks Simon! Glad you dig it.

The software is called Scaler, not Scalar :wink:

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