New Scaler Psychedelia - Bear from Void projection mapping investigations

Again, I can’t express in words how much fun it is to play inside the world of Scaler. The new tutorials that @davide and @Tristan put together gave me lots of insight into new ways of working with this insanely fabulous and miraculous tool. (particularly in the areas of the different ways of modulating… this piece goes through 5 different key changes) Thanks to all of you on the team!

Bear from Void on Vimeo - Music by Gary Yost


Sounds great! But what are the tutorials you are referring to? I’d be interested. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks (!) and it’s the new “Official Scaler 2 Course” on their website. Highly recommended… better than going through disparate YT tutorials. Scaler 2 Official Course ONLINE - School of Synthesis

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Cool! I enjoyed the music, and the video.

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Thanks Martin… sent this one off to Steve yesterday cause I think he’d dig it too.