New version features?

1.Are there numbers showing chords? nashville?

2.Can I choose a different scale so that the chord progression in area C below will change into a different scale?

for example. When I’m in the C scale. The chord is C-Am-F-G
When I go up there it becomes a G scale. The chord automatically changes to G-Em-C-D

3.transposition function?
For example, it’s the C scale. But I adjusted it through a capo. For example, I add 1. So, although it shows a C scale. But the sound is actually in the Db scale.

Hey @swingmix You can do most of that using current features. You can select all chords in section C and transpose them. You can then right click to auto detect, you can also hit ‘Auto Detect’ in suggest mode. In your example transpose them up a fifth then right click detect scale.

I think the current design is not intuitive.
For example, if I write a chord in the C area, it cannot be quickly changed into other scales in the C area.

I still hope it can be improved.

Well if they did implement that, I hope it’s optional because not all users will want that. I can often use chords from multiple scales and put them into different patterns in Section C or even in the same pattern. I can’t speak for how Scaler is intended to operate but I can say the way I use it, is to find the scales and chords I want in Section A and B and then Section C is where I assemble chords that I would export out or use Scaler to playback once I have them arranged the way I like.