Newb question:

I know this is a newb question but I don’t even know music lingo, I just need to know how I can record all the chords to be in line with the same bar length of the midi source which is 8 bars. (Apologies for such a lame question)
I record the midi source and Scaler records 10 bars. How can I get Scaler2 to record everything in 8 bars instead of the extra bar lenth?

scaler2 capture

@ [RonnieGrepp]
Scaler detects the chords, but does not directly transcribe the durations.
In bar 4 and bar 8 you have two chords in each bar, and those are the ones that don’t copy well.
First pass the chord progression to the C section.
Now uses the EDIT tab and changes the duration of chords 4 and 5, and 9 and 10, to half the value (it is usually 1; write for those chords 0.5)
Also, in the view you’re in in Ableton you won’t be able to bring up the 10 chords (which is now 2 progressions) directly. You will have to change your view and take them separately, followed; then merge them, copy them and go back to the other view.
Personally I’d suggest you just change the value of the chords in Ableton directly; you will finish before


jj, Thank you soo much. This worked perfectly. Scaler drives me crazy sometimes but i’m getting there! With out this forums help I would lose my patience.

Thank you again!

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