Newb Question

Hello mates,
Brand new in this forum, brand new with Scaler.
I’m having trouble getting up to speed with this very powerful program. I’ve viewed a handful of tutorials but they all are way too advanced for me.

Are there any absolute beginner videos available?
If it matters I’m using Presonus Studio One.

I’ve also skimmed the manual but still can’t get bootstrapped.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Hi @FenderDefender, welcome to the forum.

There is a new Scaler 2 Beginners Guide for 2024 just posted to the School of Synthesis YouTube channel. Should help to get you started with Scaler 2, and possibly ease you in to the other tutorials available, of which you’ll find many on the same YouTube channel:

And of course you can always purchase the official Scaler 2 course should you want something more comprehensive, but the above beginners guide video is a good first step.

Thank you for this video Tristan, I’m sure it will be useful.