Newbie - drag to logic

see pic
how do i

  1. drag detected to logic
  2. drag section B to Logic

Hi @bobmane

Logic but on Windows 10 to drag Section A notes try selecting all the notes, right-click and select “CONVERT TO UNISON” from the context menu.

You can then select all the chords and drag them into your DAW.

Similarly for the scale in Section B simply select all the chords and drag them into your DAW.

regarding section a, once draggged does not match length of audio that created it

Scaler records no timing info. Beat length is set under preferences globally and/or under edit view and Playback timings.

I am not getting that workflow. Is there a video that explains it? Somewhat strange that it can capture, and playback in time with source audio but once dragged not the same.
edit: just noticed it does not playback in time either
no sync to host?

All i want to do it record a vocal melody with my voice, run scaler, capture the chords and pitch, drag to daw in time with the vocal.

Let’s say you chord sequence you want to detect has 4 chords - Chord 1 is 2 bars, Chord 2 is 1 bar, chord 3 is 2 and a half bars and Chord 4 is 1/2 bar. If global beats is set to 8 beats (2 bars at 4/4 time) than each of those chords will be 2 bars long after detect. REMEMBER - Scaler is detecting the harmonic structure of the chords not the timing.

Of course there is sync to host.

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